Latest SAG-AFTRA Board Meeting Provides No Commercial Talks Details To Members

And the needless secrecy continues. No details about the package of proposals for commercials negotiations starting February 14th in NYC. No details about the progress of merger efforts between SAG’s and AFTRA’s health and pension funds. Here’s the news release:

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK (Feb. 2, 2013) – The National Board of Directors of SAG-AFTRA met in a scheduled one-day video plenary this weekend at both the James Cagney Board Room in Los Angeles and the Leon Janney Board Room in New York.

The Board approved a package of proposals for commercials negotiations presented by Assistant National Executive Director for Contracts Ray Rodriguez. The proposal package was recommended by the W&W Plenary Committee and Commercials Negotiating Committee.

National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator David White said, “While there are difficult issues to negotiate ahead, we anticipate a productive dialogue with our bargaining partners and expect a result that is positive for our members.”

Negotiations with the Joint Policy Committee (JPC) of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) commence on Feb.14 in New York. Additional reports were given by Co-Presidents Roberta Reardon and Ken Howard, as well as National Executive Director David White. The board also received a report on governance matters.

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