CANNES: Channing Tatum To Play Junkie

channing tatumThe Dear John heartthrob and G.I. Joe action figure will star in What’s Left of Us, based on Richie Farrell’s novel, which the author is adapting for the screen. Based on a true story, Tatum will play a heroin addict going through 7 excruciating days in detox. Farrell knows the subject well: he sold the documentary High On Crack Street to HBO.

The project is one of 3 films that new London and Los Angeles-based producer and financier Berkeley Square Films has announced here. BSF says that it has raised enough money to finance the first trio on its slate, and WME agent Graham Taylor is packaging the projects.

Besides the Tatum project, there’s one wrby Dennis Lehane, author of Shutter Island, who has written original screenplay Depravity with BSF partner Paul Tamasy. Three roommates accidentally kill an innocent man and problems ensue. Meanwhile, Bullet is a family film about a 12-year-old runaway who enlists the help of an over-the-hill dog trainer to turn a stray greyhound into a champion racer.

Meanwhile, BSF’s first $7M production, Black Pearl, will start filming in October. Star Wars star Mark Hamill, another board member, will direct based on his own Dark Horse graphic novel. Michael Uslan (The Dark Knight) is executive producing. Hamill tells me that Black Pearl will be a near-documentary look at what would happen if a vigilante dressed up as a superhero. “It’s about a guy addicted to adrenalin.”

Tamasy and writing partner Eric Johnson have penned Joe for Will Smith at Sony. This Hitch-style comedy about a man suffering the misfortunes of Job is just one of many projects Smith is considering once he’s finished Men In Black 3 for that studio.

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