WME Mints Seven New Partners

EXCLUSIVE: WME has expanded its partner roster by upping seven of its best and brightest to partnership status. The new partners are Warren Zavala, the talent agent who joined from CAA last year and whose clients include Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tobey Maguire; TV lit agent Tom Wellington (clients include¬†Burn Notice creator Matt Nix and Jonah Nolan), talent agent Brad Slater (clients include Dwayne Johnson, and Kevin Costner), Motion Picture Lit agent Phil D’Amecourt (Neill Blomkamp, Wally Pfister, Laeta Kalogridis), Book agent Dorian Karchmar (Guy Fieri and Amoor Towles), and Personal Appearance agents Brent Smith (a music agent whose clients include Snoop Dogg and Frank Ocean) and Stacy Mark (who reps standup comics including Daniel Tosh). Deadline invites the new seven samurai to take a bow.

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