Super Bowl XLVII To Air 6 Studio Film Ads

If last year’s record breaking 111.3 million viewers is any indication, Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII is going to be a good place to be seen. But it costs $4 million for a 30 second spot. Despite that, Disney, Universal and Paramount have all purchased ad space from CBS for the big game this year. Some movies you’ll see at this year’s Super Bowl have already had trailers out, like Iron Man 3 and The Lone Ranger. Others like The Fast And The Furious 6 are making their world debut.  Still not everyone’s getting into the game. Sources at Warner Bros, the Weinstein Company, Sony and Fox say the studios didn’t buy any ads this year. Despite having The Hunger Games: Catching Fire coming in November, Lionsgate also doesn’t seem to have purchased any ad time. Summit will be running an already seen spot for Snitch starring Dwayne Johnson during the pre and post game sows. However, for right now, here’s who you will be seeing on Super Bowl. (We’ll update with more as we get them)

Disney – The House of Mouse is posing a triple ad threat this Super Bowl. They had a 63-second preview of Oz: The Great And Powerful (released March 8, 2013) premiere during the SAG Awards and, as this 11-second teaser the studio posted today shows, Disney has another ad scheduled for the Super Bowl. They’re also going to show the world a new 90 second spot for The Lone Ranger (released July 3, 2013) during te pre-game. And Disney is going to premiere a new 60-second spot for Iron Man 3 (released May 3, 2013) during the game. 

Universal – Star Vin Diesel announced the afternoon before the game on Facebook that the ad for Fast 6 will be a full 60 seconds. Studios try to keep their Super Bowl ads under wraps until the last minute but when the star tells the world about it on Facebook it gets a lot of attention. The spot for Justin Lin directed Fast 6 (out May 24, 2013) will be revving its motor at the end of the first quarter. 

Paramount – The studio is running a 30 second spot for Brad Pitts’ upcoming zombie plaque film World War Z (released June 21, 2013) during the pre-game and a 30 second ad for the J.J. Abrams’ directed Star Trek Into Darkness (released May 17, 2013), during the second quarter of the game itself. The studio is also using the Super Bowl as a platform to launch its new app for the Star Trek movie.

CBS this year raised the price for a 30 second ad up from the $3.5 million that NBC charged during the last Super Bowl to $4 million. However, that didn’t stop the network from quickly selling  out their inventory. Chrysler, Tide, Best Buy, Coke, Taco Bell, Lincoln (the car company not the movie), and RIM, which will be premiering its new BlackBerry 10, are among the non-Hollywood companies who’ve bought spots for Sunday’s face-off between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

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