Joe Biden Stresses Call For Studies On Violent Video Games

Vice President Joe Biden today reiterated the administration’s call for studies on violent video games and possible links to real-life violence during a Google video chat, reported. Biden, who met two weeks ago with representatives of the entertainment industry, pointed out there is no concrete data on video games and possible links to violence. The CDC is prohibited from conducting research on gun violence because of a congressional ban on spending funds on studies that may advocate gun control. In addition to reimposing the federal ban on assault weapons and requiring universal background checks on firearms buyers, the White House plan released last week asked Congress to appropriate $10 million for the CDC to study gun violence, including possible links to violent video games and media images. Biden said he thinks special interest groups “are afraid of facts”, adding “let these people go out and look at the pathology that’s behind this, if there is a pathology related to gun violence” — and “let the facts lead where they will”.

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