Striking Writers: 'Media Person Of 2007'?

The influential website (edited by Patrick Phillips, an adjunct professor in the journalism department at NYU) will go live Monday AM with its annual poll for “Media Person of the Year”. This is IWantMedia’s 6th annual online survey to name the industry figure who had the most impact on the media. Past winners have included Stephen Colbert (2006), Anderson Cooper (2005), Jon Stewart (2004), Bonnie Fuller (2003), and Martha Stewart (2002). The thing to remember is that it’s not necessarily the best media person who wins, just the most infamous. The 2007 poll won’t be accessible until 9:00 AM ET Monday but I can reveal now that you have these 10 candidates to choose from: Conrad Black, “Google”, Perez Hilton, Don Imus, Joanne Lipman (editor-in-chief of the flailing Condé Nast biz mag Portfolio), Rupert Murdoch (who’s probably the shoo-in), Rosie O’Donnell, Arthur “Pinch” Sulzberger Jr., “Writers On Strike”, and Mark Zuckerberg (Mr. Facebook). Vote early and vote often!

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