Sundance Deal Precedent: Relativity Media Pact For Joseph Gordon-Levitt-Helmed Comedy ‘Don Jon’s Addiction’: $4 Mill Upfront, $25 Million P&A For Summer Release

UPDATE: Relativity Media has confirmed the Don Jon’s Addiction deal, and I’ll run the announcement below the original break of the story. In terms of the precedent-setting amount, other buyers have helpfully reminded me of Sundance films like Happy Texas, Hustle & Flow, and The Spitfire Grill. There was also a rather large P&A commitment that went for the wide release genre film Splice. Several of those didn’t work out well and Relativity will have to gross $35 million or more on this film to make the numbers work here, but it’s a bold statement-making play, and maybe it will pay off.

EXCLUSIVE: Deadline told you first that Relativity Media had placed a bid that was blowing everybody out of the water on Don Jon’s Addiction, the directorial debut of Joseph Gordon-Levitt that has had brisk buyer interest since it premiered. I’m hearing that Relativity Media is wrapping up what will be an historic, precedent-setting deal for a Sundance film, harkening to the days when distributors spent big big bucks here. Word I’m hearing is they are paying the $4 million minimum guarantee I’ve mentioned before, but that there is a whopping $25 million P&A for a summer release on 2000 screens. Yowza! That meets or surpasses marks for a biggest Sundance (non-genre film) total deal — and biggest domestic deal because this is not for the world. It is for U.S. only. I’m sure if that’s awry, my commenters will tell me and we’ll set the record straight if this didn’t beat the record.

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