Cinemark’s Aurora Movie Theater Opens Today With Private Ceremony

The Colorado multiplex where a gunman opened fire in a crowded theater watching a July 20 midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises is reopening today. A private ceremony is planned for victims, first responders and officials, the AP says. Twelve people were killed and 58 were wounded in the attack. Cinemark said it will open the theater to the public Friday and have it fully operational by January 25. Cinemark reportedly spent $1 million on renovations and has renamed the venue the Century Aurora but has given few other details about plans. Some victims’ family members are upset about tonight’s “special evening of remembrance”, though — Cinemark sent out invitations during the holidays. Outraged invitees publicly condemned the circuit in a letter published January 2 in the Denver Post. “This disgusting offer that you’d ‘like to invite you and a guest to a special evening of remembrance on Thursday, January 17 at 5 PM’ followed by the showing of a movie and then telling us to be sure ‘to reserve our tickets’ is wholly offensive to the memory of our loved ones,” the letter read in part.

Last week, alleged gunman James Holmes had his arraignment pushed back until March 12. He faces 166 counts including for murder and attempted murder.

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