CANNES: E1 Holds Onto 'The Runaways'

kristen_stewart_1173995493CANNES: The Toronto-headquartered distribution group is going to release the rock biopic The Runaways starring Twilight Saga’s Kristin Stewart this summer in the UK and Ireland. The news is not unexpected given that E1 releases all of Summit’s films in Canada and the UK. E1 has also taken UK and Irish rights to another Summit movie, Fair Game, which plays In Competition here on Thursday. It plans to release the Naomi Watts and Sean Pean political thriller in the autumn, which would chime with Summit’s Oscar hopes.

E1 has already released The Runaways in Canada. Apparition released the Kristin Stewart and Dakota Fanning rock pic on March 19th in the U.S., hot on its Sundance hoopla. But the $10 million movie only grossed $3.5 million during its American run.

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