Backhanded Compliment Of The Day: TCA

It came from Ving Rhames on the final question from the panel for his new series, TNT‘s medical drama from David E. Kelley and Sanjay Gupta Monday Mornings, in which he plays a trauma surgeon. The question, addressed to him and neurosurgeon/CNN medical correspondent Gupta, on whose book the show is based, was whether trauma surgeons are different from other types of surgeons. Rhames took a different direction in his answer, giving thanks for his role, which got a little awkward toward the end. “One of the things I really love about this show is I think we just happen to be surgeons, but in reality deals with the human condition, the human experience, and for myself as an African American actor, it’s so well written and well rounded. We don’t get to see these type of images often as African American people, so I thank David E. Kelley, the writers, Sanjay Gupta. And I also thank, and I mean this in a respectful way, TNT for doing something on a level a bit above some of the Tyler Perry shows (which air on TNT sibling TBS). Thank you.”

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