Starz Boards Atlas-Produced Drama Series Project ‘Crime’ From William Monahan

Atlas Entertainment is venturing into the TV series world with Crime, written by Oscar winner William Monahan. Starz is co-financing the drama with Sonar Entertainment and has domestic pay television and home entertainment rights including Canada to the series, which is being billed as a a study of criminal enterprise and scandal across 1960s Britain. The project was developed from a feature film treatment by Vanessa Sadler. “There’s very little more interesting to me than the ’60s in Britain, taken from Profumo to psychedelia, from the London criminal world to the worlds of art and fashion — all of which continually intersected”, Monahan said in the release announcing the project. “I know one thing: it’s very, very, funny.” Atlas’ Charles Roven and William Green will executive produce with Monahan, with Atlas’ Andy Horwitz and Justine Suzanne Jones of Monahan’s Henceforth Pictures co-exec producing. Sonar will have the option to distribute Crime to markets outside the U.S. and Canada. Independent Talent’s Josh Varney helped set up the deal with Monahan and put the project into motion. (more…)

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