Another Attention Hog Blathers On Strike

UPDATE: Gavin Polone Explains Himself

The Prince Of Darkness, aka producer/manager/ex-agent Gavin Polone, went on television today proclaiming that the writers’ strike is positive for the earnings of studios and the WGA has lost its leverage. Yeah, the stoning starts now. On the one hand, I always applaud Gavin for never being afraid to go on the record with his opinions. On the other hand, those opinions are incredibly crackpot. (There’s good reason his production company is called “Pariah”.) In the TV interview with Fox Business Network (which couldn’t even get the spelling of his name right), Polone said:

On how the writers’ strike is benefiting the studios:
“This strike, right now, at this point in time, is positive for the earnings of all these studios, I’m sure…Now, these companies are so vertically integrated that they’re going to make money from a lot of different sources…They’re making more money right now because they’ve lowered their costs…The studios are using this as an excuse [to save money]…What’s going to happen is that the people who aren’t watching Lost right now are going to say I’ll go watch something else on ABC Family, which is still owned by Disney.  The same corporate conglomerate will still make money.” (more…)

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