Ben Affleck On Senate Run Rumors: Video

The Argo director and star was asked by CBS News’ Bob Schieffer in a segment for the next Face The Nation about his name being bandied about among others for a U.S. Senate run in his native Massachusetts. A seat could open up if John Kerry is nominated and becomes Secretary of State. Affleck is a serious political activist, founding the Eastern Congo Initiative and campaigning for now-Sen. Elizabeth Warren during the last election cycle. And that’s not counting Argo, the awards-season stalwart that shines a spotlight on U.S.-Iran relations. Interestingly, he never really answers Scheiffer’s question of whether he’d run, saying he’s “got a lot on his plate” (in fact, his response makes one think of the “non-denial denial” scene in All The President’s Men). But really, why would Affleck, a whip-smart guy who’s quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s best directors and has the platform to speak on any topic he wants, give up his lofty perch for a place inside the Beltway, where everything is such a slog? Here’s his exchange with Schieffer:

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