SAG P&H Plan Sued Again By Whistleblower

UPDATE: SAG Pension & Health Plans whistleblower Craig E. Simmons filed a second lawsuit today against his former employers. Today’s suit (read it here) stems from a letter that the SAG-PPHP Board of Trustees sent out to plan participants on December 22, 2011 declaring that Simmons’ allegations of embezzlement against then CEO Bruce Dow were false, according to an independent investigator. “Plaintiff is informed and believes that the Board of Trustees wrote this letter knowing that Plaintiff’s allegations against Dow were true,” says today’s complaint. Seeking a jury trial, the defamation and invasion of privacy suit by the former SAG-PPHP Executive Director of the Human Resources comes after he filed a wrongful termination suit against the organization back on March 22. In that initial suit, Simmons alleges that he was wrongfully terminated on March 25, 2011, because he wouldn’t cover up Dow’s alleged multi-million dollar embezzlement scheme of the SAG-Pension and Health Plans. Dow retired as CEO of the SAG Pension and Health Plans on April 30 of this year.

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