Redbox Instant Yanks Promo Video As Streaming Service Opens To The Public

The long-awaited public beta test for the Redbox Instant By Verizon streaming service didn’t roll out today quite the way its marketing folks envisioned. The problem isn’t that the joint venture announced its public opening with a mere tweet. (“Today’s the day!” it said. “Get on the wait list & get excited!”) The trouble arose when the company sent to people who had pre-registered their interest an email with a link to a promotional music video. The theme: “Trigger Some Happy.” The Redbox Instant folks took it down in an instant after they realized that the slogan would strike some people as inappropriate following last week’s tragic shootings in Connecticut. A spokeswoman apologized for the timing and explained that the company changed plans because it felt “let’s not give anyone pause.” Too late. BTIG analyst Rich Greenfield found a copy and alerted investors that it’s “important to see the first real advertising/promotional spot for the service, even if the company does not want you to see it anymore.”

Aside from the timing, the whimsically strange promo probably will inspire strong feelings among some people about Redbox Instant’s ability to take on rivals including Netflix and Amazon Prime. Tell us what you think after you watch this:  (more…)

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