Media Guru Gordy Crawford’s Goodbye Email

Today, mega media investor Gordy Crawford – aka ‘The Pope On Hope’ – bid goodbye. He quietly announced in April that he was retiring from Los Angeles-based Capital Group at the end of 2012. Now this key figure in Time Warner, News Corp, Comcast, Lionsgate, DirecTV, Disney, and many other media companies over the decades sent around this email to his friends and colleagues:

To All My Friends and Associates,

This Friday, December 21, I head down the elevator for the last time at Capital. I have been blessed to spend 41 years at a firm that has grown from $2.0B in assets under management when I joined to one today that manages $1.1T.  I got to work with a fabulous group of people in one of the great corporate cultures in the world of finance.  And, for most of my career I got to follow the most interesting/fascinating/dynamic of industries around – the media/entertainment/technology industries.  I hope to stay in contact with all of my friends.  I have retired, not died (unless the Mayans know something that I don’t, seeing the Mayan end of the world is on the same day as my retirement.)

With that, Crawford provided his contact info going forward. Assets overseen by him will be taken over by other managers at Capital.

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