Nick Cassavetes Sued Over ‘Yellow’ Movie Loan, Casting & Producer Promise

Director Nick Cassavetes is being sued by two Canadian singers and their father for more than $500,000 over an alleged loan to the movie Yellow. In their complaint filed today (read it here) plaintiffs John Thomas and TwinSpin Music say that in September 2010, singers Carman and Camille Thomas met with the director in the Yellow production office in Studio City. However, they say the meeting took a wide turn with Cassavetes suggesting not just that the singers have a song on the soundtrack but roles in the movie and a producer credit for their father John. “However, there was one catch to Cassavetes’ pitch – namely, Cassavetes was in need of an immediate short term loan of $300,000 to be used for the development and production of the picture, which would be repaid with interest in the aggregate amount of $345,000 no later than October 15, 2010.  Accordingly, Cassavetes represented to “Carmen & Camille” that if TwinSpin would agree to provide the Loan, he would (a) cast “Carmen & Camille” in the speaking roles he had previously identified in the Picture, (b) feature at least one song by “Carmen & Camille” in the soundtrack of the Picture (the “Song”}, (c) provide plaintiff Thomas with a producer credit on the Picture, and (d) repay the Loan and interest in the aggregate amount of $345,000 no later than October 15, 2010,” claims the complaint.

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