Leah Remini Sued By Former Managers Over ‘Family Tools’ Fees

Leah Remini has been sued today by her ex-mangers over commissions from her upcoming ABC Family Tools sitcom. The mid-season replacement doesn’t even debut until next month but in their complaint (read it here) management company The Collective say they want what is due to them from the actress – and they are naming very precise figures. “Notwithstanding Plaintiff’s counsel in furthering Remini’s career, which among other things, led to her landing a role in the ABC television series Family Tools, Remini refuses to pay Plaintiff for its services in direct breach of the talent management agreement entered into between Plaintiff and Remini. Remini’s behavior will not be tolerated,” says the complaint filed Tuesday in LA Superior Court. After being represented by The Collective for just under a year, Remini fired them as her managers on October 26 of this year. While they might not have been happy about that, they are really not happy about being out tens of thousands in commissions for the ABC show. There is now due and owing the past-due sum of $67,000 for said commissions owed to Plaintiff by Remini and/or LMR. The $67,000 in commissions is calculated as follows: $l million in compensation received by Remini [$100,000 per episodes x l0 episodes = $l Million) minus the $330.000 hold fee from the Talent Holding Agreement = $670,000 in commissionable compensation,” The Collective’s suit says.  The actress had a talent holding deal with ABC that was signed before she became The Collective’s client. They are not entitled, nor are they seeking, any of that money. However, Remini is supposedly due a four percent raise from her $100,000 an episode on Family Tools for each subsequent season it is renewed, if it’s renewed – which could factor in future fees for the management company. The nine-page complaint alleges Breach of Oral Contract, Quantum Meruit, Declaratory Relief and Accounting. Represented by lawyers Bryan Freedman, who also represents Deadline and its parent company PMC, and Bryan Turnauer, the plaintiffs have requested a three-day jury trial.

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