Fox Intensifies Push For Online Movie Sales With Campaign For ‘Taken 2’

The goal is to inspire the estimated 16M people expected to receive a tablet, smartphone, smart TV or other connected device this Christmas to make the action film starring Liam Neeson the first one they buy. Fox Home Entertainment is releasing Taken 2 in its Digital HD format today, four weeks before it’s out on DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD. That’s the longest lead time any studio has provided for the online version of one of its films. (Prometheus, the first video Fox released electronically ahead of the discs, held the record at three weeks; others have had a two-week lead.) Fox also will launch its first broadcast TV promotion for an electronic sell-through title. The company plans to hawk the  film on Christmas Day NBA games on ABC and ESPN, in addition to Google, IGN, Gamefly, YouTube, and other web destinations. The film, priced at about $15, is being sold at digital stores including Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Apple’s iTunes Store.

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