OSCARS Q&A: Tom Stoppard

At age 75, Tom Stoppard is still at the top of his game, and still seeking new challenges in film, television, and stage. The legendary writer responsible for such original theatrical experiences as Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead, Arcadia, The Invention Of Love, The Real Thing, and Coast Of Utopia has also made his mark with a slew of memorable movies including Brazil, Empire Of The Sun, Billy Bathgate, and his Oscar-winning script for Shakespeare In Love (co-written with Marc Norman). Now he is partnering, so to speak, with Leo Tolstoy on a risky but thrilling new version of the Russian classic AnnaKarenina. Though there are many film and TV versions already in existence, Stoppard was frightened by the prospect of following in their footsteps yet he embraced it.

AwardsLine: Why did you want to take on Anna Karenina? It’s a very ambitious project.
Tom Stoppard: I had no thought about it until I was asked whether I would be interested in doing it with Joe Wright, and I was immediately interested in it. You don’t often get a proposal to do Tolstoy for a really interesting director—that’s easy to say yes to. (more…)

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