HBO Goes For ‘Laughs Unlimited’ With Oren Moverman And Anthony Swofford

EXCLUSIVE: HBO has acquired and will develop Laughs Unlimited, an hour-long drama that takes on the all too serious issue of vets who return from the Middle East with post traumatic stress disorder. The series was hatched by Oren Moverman, who has directed Rampart and The Messenger, and Anthony Swofford, best known for writing the book Jarhead and the recently published memoirs Hospitals, Hotels & Jails.

The focus of the series is Billie Crown, an Army medic who returns from serving a tour in Afghanistan only to find that her husband is divorcing her and taking custody of their daughter. The medic hides her PTSD from family and colleagues so she can be reinstated as a Sacramento police officer, and so she can reconnect with her daughter. Navigating the pressurized world of a beat cop while trying to assimilate back into normal society turns Billie into a walking time bomb who at any moment could jeopardize her career, family and life. The title is ironic military slang, and refers to a comedy club where Billie and her fellow cops hang out to relax and blow off steam. Sounds like another strong showcase for an actress on a cable series. (more…)

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