OSCARS Q&A: Paul Williams

Christy Grosz is editor of AwardsLine

Although the documentary Paul Williams Still Alive didn’t make the Academy’s short list this week, there’s an original song the Oscar-winning composer wrote for the doc, aptly titled “Still Alive,” that remains in contention. Williams, who at first resented director Stephen Kessler’s attempts to document his childhood idol, now calls the docu “a gift” that has allowed him to gain a new appreciation for his songwriting work. While the film doesn’t discuss much of Williams’ current activities, he’s been working behind the scenes as chairman and president of ASCAP since 2009, something he calls an honor, quickly joking, “I’ve got a black belt in back slapping.” With several new songwriting projects in the works, including a musical version of Guillermo del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth, Williams is still very much alive and still busy. He recently spoke with AwardsLine about his reticence to participate in the doc and reflected on his Oscar win in 1977. (more…)

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