More Fans Support Writers: Dark Tuesday

UPDATE: The number of TV fan sites observing “Dark Tuesday” is up to 20. From the Glowy Box fan site: “On November 13th, this blog and the blogs listed below will be on strike for the day in solidarity with the Writers Guild of America. As fellow writers and as TV fans, we are coming together to express our strong support for the writers and their goals. We believe that when a writer’s work makes money for a company, that writer deserves to be paid.

“Many writers depend on residuals for a stable income, and that income shouldn’t be based on an outdated formula which ignores the existence of new media and all but a tiny percentage of DVD sales. The talented writers responsible for so much of what we love about television should and must be paid fairly and equitably, and we will stand with them until they reach that goal. For everyone’s sake, and for the sake of television, we hope both sides can come to an agreement quickly.

“To further that goal, we are calling on our readers to sign this petition and to contact the following television networks, voicing support for the writers and for a return to the negotiating table: ABC, FOX, CBS,
NBC Universal.

“After the blackout, we intend to continue our campaign to support the WGA until the dispute has been resolved fairly. In solidarity:

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Previous: I’ve been getting lots of individual emails about this, but TV Week says already a total 17 entertainment blogs — among them Televisionary, Give Me My Remote and Glowy Box —will go dark Tuesday, replacing their sites with WGA solidarity statements. “Some people thought we’d be against the writers because our favorite shows are going away, but we wanted to show that some things are more important than a few shows airing full season,” says Glowy Box blogger Liz Pardue, who organized tomorrow’s “blog strike.” Battlestar Galactica fans, in town for a convention, are pledging to join a picket line with the show’s writing staff at Universal Studios on Friday. I’ve already reported how CSI fans funded a Burbank aerial banner fly-by with a statement of support. Fan site and others have linked to a petition supporting the writers that claims more than 44,000 signatures. As more fan news re the strike comes into me, I’ll update this post.

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