Multilingual BN Films Formed With $150M Production Fund

Producers Alex Garcia and Lucas Akoskin announced today the formation of BN Films. Working off a $150 million production fund, the Mexico City- and Santa Monica-based company aims to offer an annual slate of six to 12 movies. “We are fortunate to be working with some of the top international filmmakers in the world, and we look forward to sharing our multilingual films with audiences worldwide,” said Garcia, a Mexican financier, and Argentine producer Akoskin today. The duo also announced that Katrina Wolfe would serve as the company’s President of Production. Wolfe, a former SVP Production and Casting at Dimension Films, will be based out of Santa Monica. BN Films already has seven film completed, the company says. Those movies include El Cartel De Los Sapos (The Snitch Cartel), Colombia’s official entry in the 2013 Foreign Languag Film Oscar race; and Words With Gods, the first installment in BN’s short film anthology The Heartbeat Of The World series. The Jesuit, another film by BN Films, is currently in production in Mexico, written by Taxi Driver scribe Paul Schrader. Mexico’s LatAM Distribution will be in charge of BN’s Latin American sales.

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