Showtime’s ‘Homeland’ Tops ‘Dexter’ To Hit New Series High

With more political plot intrigue than ever, Homeland was propelled to an all-time ratings high Sunday. It even beat Showtime’s usual top show, Dexter. The spy thriller series pulled in 2.2 million viewers for its initial 10 PM broadcast, beating the high from its October 28 episode, which had 2.07 million viewers. With its secondary broadcast, Homeland delivered 2.5 million overall viewers. Amid online backlash from fans about the twists the usually stern series is taking this season, it is also the first time a new Homeland has performed better than a new Dexter. Showtime’s regular top series drew 2.1 million viewers at 9 PM on Sunday. With encores, Dexter ended up on top with 2.63 million viewers overall. Homeland‘s sophomore season ends December 16.

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