Stalking Gawker's Jesse Oxfeld in LA

Since gawker.jpgmakes a habit of stalking the famous — actually, the readers report their close encounters of the celebrity kind at restaurants and bars, and Daily Gawker Stalker reports them, even to the point of Google satellite mapping — I thought turnabout was fair play. (And to get back at Gawker for continuously running my damn debutante picture.) So let’s stalk Gawker staffer Jesse Oxfeld during his recent visit to Los Angeles for his best friend’s wedding. “I rented a convertible, spent the first weekend with good family friends and their two daughters, one of whom is a college friend, lounging by their pool in the valley. And then I spent the week relaxing around LA. Did some shopping, did some walking on the beach, did some writing for the ceremony. Had lots of lunches and dinners with lots of friends. Had In-N-Out twice, El Coyote once, Korean barbecue for the first time, a good filet mignon in Woodland Hills, and a mediocre piece of salmon from a humorless waiter in West Hollywood…”
I’ll nudge you awake if you snore while reading these trip highlights:
Oxfeld outside David Geffen’s beach house
Public Walkway at Carbon Beach, Malibu
“I just put my toes in David Geffen’s sand.”
Oxfeld at Urth Caffe
8565 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood
“I learned that Urth Caffe does not have wireless Internet, and the West Hollywood cops ticket you the second your meter expires, and that gas prices can differ by a dime or more from one side of Hollywood to the other.”
Oxfeld in Hollywood
Home of Variety reporter Gabriel Snyder
“Gabriel’s a good friend from his NYO days.”
Oxfeld in Silverlake
Home of Defamer’s Seth Abramovitch
“I had a very lovely dinner at the Edendale Grill with Seth, [Defamer’s] Mark [Lisanti] and his girlfriend, and Gabriel and his girlfriend.”
Oxfeld in Pasadena
His best friend’s wedding.
“I was — no joke here — the officiant. And, if I may be so bold, I killed.”

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