“TV Showrunners Would Come Back To Work If AMPTP Comes Back To Table”

Ed Bernero, exec producer of CBS’ Criminal Minds, emails me about my post, Networks/Studios vs Showrunners: Why They’re Now On A Collision Course:

“Your reporting on the showrunners meeting was dead-on. I think you sort of under-reported the most important thing that came out of that discussion, though. The story leaned on the fact that we would support each other in the event one of us is sued by the Companies. While that is true, the bigger story of that meeting was the (as I remember) almost unanimous agreement (which I don’t think the Guild leadership was completely happy with — this isn’t a ploy by them) that we hyphenate showrunners would absolutely go back to work to finish the episodes left to post if the AMPTP agreed to come back to the table.  I think most of us would agree that it doesn’t even have to be them that makes the first move. If someone were to tell me that if I went back to my producing duties on Monday morning and the Companies would come back to the table Monday afternoon, I’d go. I’d trust them that much.

“They have to talk to our Guild if this is ever going to get fixed. People are being hurt in this — mostly helpless people who have no protection. We want this thing settled. We want to work. We still have episodes to finish and we will if they just agree to talk again.  Just come back and talk.”

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