Al Pacino Returns To CAA

EXCLUSIVE: Iconic actor Al Pacino has rejoined CAA. Pacino, who’d been repped at that agency for around 22 years by Rick Nicita, leaves ICM Partners. It would be difficult to bash that agency for the job it did with Pacino, who is in the middle of a precedent-setting salary run starring on Broadway in Glengarry Glen Ross. That nowfamous deal paid $125,000 per week to Pacino at the start of its run, against 10% of gross; a deal extension has pushed that up to a potential 36% of gross that positions him to earn as much as $250,000 per week at the end of his run, a remarkable figure for a straight play. The agency also packaged the Phil Spector HBO pic that David Mamet wrote and directed, and which HBO broadcasts March 15 with Helen Mirren also starring. They also attached Pacino to play Penn State coach Joe Paterno in a movie about his rise and fall from grace, a film that is still taking form.

Now, Pacino’s rep team at ICM Partners was fractured recently with the exit of Jeff Berg, the former longtime head of that agency who was very involved in Pacino’s career. Pacino also rejoined Nicita after he left Morgan Creek and became a manager. So it’s a homecoming at CAA for the two of them.

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