MPAA’s Chris Dodd Says Facebook Rumor Illustrates Need For Copyright Protection

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen a statement loaded with legalese that users post hoping to create a copyright protection for their content. It’s based on a belief that the social network company changed its rules so it can exploit the material. A minor, and mistaken, rumor? Perhaps. But MPAA chief Chris Dodd writes on the Huffington Post today that it “provides average Internet users with some insight into the point of view of the creators of movies, music or other artistic endeavors whose work has been subject to online theft” and indicates why “copyright protection is more important than ever.” It’s a sensitive point: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg — like most tech execs — opposed the MPAA’s failed effort early this year to persuade Congress to crack down on Internet piracy. Dodd says that “it’s critically important that we continue a collaborative conversation with the tech community about how we can protect an Internet that works for everyone….The studios I represent call them audiences and the tech companies call them users, but giving people the best possible experience is a shared goal because at the end of the day, we all report to the consumer.” The misunderstanding at Facebook “is a great reminder of that.”

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