Deadline’s YouTube Channel Rankings

It’s fitting that THNKR stands out on our ranking of Google-funded YouTube channels in the week heading into Thanksgiving with an inspiring video about a 15-year-old engineering prodigy from Sierra Leone given a chance to visit MIT. The tale of Kelvin Doe, who built and powered a radio station with materials he found in trash cans, generated more than 2M views in the week ending November 21, propelling THNKR 62 places to No. 14 — by far the channel’s best performance since we began monitoring YouTube channels in May. Still, when it comes to mass viewing, Redbull takes the prize again helped by “The Athlete Machine,” a video of an elaborate Rube Goldberg contraption powered by several extreme sports stars. The channel gained 10.3M views for a total of 17.8M. The channels we track collectively generated 129.1M views, up 34.3% vs last week — with two caveats that I’ll note in a moment — and the top 10 accounted for 54.8%. Joining that group this week were Motor Trend (+7 to No. 5), Vice (+8 to No. 6) and Fuse (+11 to No. 9). Those sliding off were Machinima Prime (-9 to No. 12), Young Hollywood (-6 to No. 13), and Awesomeness TV (-6 to No. 15). (more…)

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