Is The Strike Big Media's Untold Story?

I and others have been watching how Big Media have been covering themselves re the WGA strike. And they’re doing a piss-poor job. On Tuesday, KABC News gave the strike about a minute and half of coverage — then devoted 7 minutes to Dancing With The Stars. “This George Penacchio is supposed to be an entertainment reporter!  C’mon – this is like a hurricane to an L.A. weatherman,” a WGA striker told me. But entertainment reporter Sam Rubin of Tribune Co-owned KTLA wants me to know that “one local media outlet is paying attention to the strike. I ran an 8 minute live interview with Patric Verrone on Thursday. ” The video is on Meanwhile, I keep looking and looking for news stories on TV, but CNN, MSNBC and FNC just aren’t reporting the strike much at all.  I warned about this back in 2002 in my LA Weekly column, The Untold Story.

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