Sounds Like They Need A Class In Ethics

A screenwriting and television writing professor at Emerson College tells me that the strike is giving film school students “much food for thought”. Sounds more like E-coli to me. That’s because “as every day passes, many of them are quite cognizant of the creative and economic opportunities the strike might afford them personally,” the instuctor says. “My students have asked me questions ranging from ‘How do I cross the picket line when my internship requires me to be at work but my sympathies are with the writers?’ to ‘How do I get my material read so I can get hired while the writers are on strike?'” I’m also told by other sources that the USC film writing students are warned by professors not to scab or use pickets for networking. Yet many opportunistic students are attempting both (“luckily, not the talented ones”). All I can say is, What little shits.

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