Another Advisory: You and I Should Talk

A huge thanks to everyone reading DHD, tipping DHD, praising DHD and even criticizing DHD. I especially love all the photos and links and comments. It’s just been, well, overwhelming. I fell asleep at my computer last night. I was horrendously late with my LA Weekly column this week. And today, this site had technical problems on top of all the traffic.

To better serve you, I have added another email address: in addition to Both are operable.

The paragraphing problem has also been fixed (sorry you had to read those blocks of copy).

I also apologize for putting up advisories and then taking hours to post on them. It takes me time to write and refine my reporting. But I feel news alerts are helpful.

You should know that my pay is in no way connected to my page views. So do keep refreshing for the latest news and postings. You should also know that I have no idea who advertises and who doesn’t a) because nobody tells me and, b) I don’t want to know.

A week ago, DHD began allowing comments for the first time in its brief 20-month history. (I started DHD in time for the Oscars on March 3, 2006.) I wanted to provide a forum to express your strike opinions, rants, sorrows. In order for a comment to post, I have to approve it first. You see, I own this website so everyone has to play by my rules.

If you don’t see your comment right away, it’s because a) I’m busy, b) I’m asleep, or c) I deleted it.  I want to present both sides, so don’t expect me to just post “pro” or just post “con”. But I also won’t post comments that are virtually word-for-word repetitions of other approved comments (as if some group is trying to manipulate insiders’ opinions.)

Keep it pithy, or I’ll delete. (I mean it: be briefer!) Stay on topic, or I’ll delete. Be intelligent, or I’ll delete. Don’t attack anyone personally, or I’ll delete. Don’t be racist or sexist or any other stupid “ist”, or I’ll delete. Don’t impersonate Jeff Berg or Steven Spielberg or Barry Meyer, or I’ll delete. (I’m now verifying comments “signed” by well-known names before I’ll approve them.) Don’t make wild unsubstantiated claims, or I’ll delete.

Remember that your comments will reach a big national and international audience of DHD readers so don’t just argue one-on-one. Fine to post anonymously, but ID yourself like, “I’m a writer”, “I’m a producer,” “I’m a wannabe,” I’m a fan,” “I’m a hater,” so people know your POV.

In response to requests, I’ll try to organize DHD’s posting of strike news better. My idea is a) to arrow to headlines for the most important news at the top, and keep updating those and changing their order in order of importance, b) then write up the details for posting lower down, or add new items at the bottom of the post. When something is happening in real time, I’ll provide a time stamp. Hope that helps.

What else should I improve?

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