CBS Sued By ABC Executive & ‘Glass House’ Producers

They say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones but that hasn’t prevented an ABC VP and the producers of the network’s The Glass House from firing back at CBS in the courts. The reality show’s executive producer Kenny Rosen, producer Michael O’Sullivan and ABC’s Vice-President of Alternative Programming Corie Henson have sued (read complaint here) CBS claiming that the network is using the legal “equivalent of war” against them in its arbitration actions. All three of the plaintiffs served in the past as producers on CBS’s Big Brother. In its now-dropped suit against ABC – filed on May 10 – CBS claimed that The Glass House was a blatant rip-off of Big Brother. Glass House floundered in the ratings over the summer and never came close to being a threat to Big Brother with viewers. While CBS let its legal action against ABC go in mid-August after some legal setbacks, it has pursued contract and trade secret claims that the former producers violated their confidentiality agreements. “We believe this is simply an attempt to delay the inevitable arbitration proceeding. We are very confident in our position that there has been a violation of signed, written confidentiality agreements, and we will look forward to a determination of that matter by the arbitration panel,” said CBS in a statement today. (more…)

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