Geffen Hits Back Redstone In Vanity Fair

I’ve just been slipped an early copy of “Showdown At Fort Sumner” by Bryan Burrough in the latest issue of Vanity Fair about the DreamWorks-Paramount-Viacom warring. David Geffen goes on the record and rips Sumner Redstone a new one. “Nobody is going to treat me or my partner [Spielberg] in that manner and stay in business with us. Nobody.” geffen goes on to call DreamWorks sale to paramount “a poor choice” and accuses Redstone of “bullying. And I will not be bullied. There is no fight I will run from. I am absolutely unafraid of Sumner Redstone.” Geffen continues: “These people are a nightmare. I’ve never seen behavior like this in my entire life.”

Fortunately for Brad Grey, he gets only two sentences in the article. Most of the piece’s content has already been published in print or online before by me and other journalists. (My own reporting is acknowledged three times.) But at the end of the article, Burrough pats himself on the back for effecting a detente between Redstone and Geffen, who says Sumner called up and apologized, and then David apologized, and “we cleared the air. And we don’t have a problem with each other. We may still have problems between Paramount and DreamWorks. But not with each other.”

Oh, puh-leeze. You know and I know full well that they all still detest each another.

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