DHD Advisory: Everything Strike-Related

The Writers Guild of America East had hundreds of members on the picket line at Rockfeller Plaza in NYC this morning at 9 am Eastern time. Here in the West, WGA picketing starts at 9 am Pacific. Tipsters, keep me informed what’s happening on your picket line. Who’s there? What do the wittier signs say? How have you been greeted and treated? Give me color. I’m also going to eyeball some of the 15 picketing locations.

I’ll revisit yesterday’s 11th hour negotiations. Then I’ll look ahead this week.

But let me say this first: both sides have to be brought back to the bargaining table immediately. Don’t let pettiness derail the real progress that was made yesterday. The moguls feel burned, the WGA feel burned, and no one wants to even think about facing off again for a while to try to break the deadlock. THAT IS RIDICULOUS! This isn’t personal, it’s business. Your business. Stop acting like pussies and swallow your pride and hammer out an agreement before even two weeks of this walkout have passed. Otherwise, here’s what lies ahead: 9 months of a long, costly and bitter strike bearing a price tag of $1 billion to everyone.

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