EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood Moguls Nix Mayor

I’ve just learned that Hollywood’s Big Media moguls have declined Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s offer to mediate this weekend despite the WGA’s desire for him to intervene. A producers’ insider confirmed for me, “My understanding is that he informally spoke to a couple of CEOs. They appreciated the offer and welcomed his concern but asked he not get involved at this juncture.” (Hey, while we’re on the subject, where the hell is our Guvenator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, in all this? Nowhere!) The moguls also rejected an offer to sit down with the guild’s leadership this weekend. “The CEOs are unwilling to even join the discussion at the bargaining table at all this weekend or ever,” a WGA source maintains. “The only meeting they are willing to attend is one amongst themselves.” Some producer sources tell me a meeting of the moguls is being planned this weekend, but others say it’s not. I’m told the moguls instead of getting personally involved will continue to rely on their hired guns, namely AMPTP president Nick Counter, to maintain their hardline bargaining position — just as the WGA will continue to rely on their militant negotiators as well. UPDATE: I’ve just learned that the federal mediator has called the parties together for a meeting on Sunday at 10 am.

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