Steve Carell To Exit 'The Office' Next Year?

Charlie Sheen is not the only TV leading man considering leaving their hit comedy series after Season 7. carellNow Steve Carell, star of The Office says he intends to exit NBC’s top comedy series at the end of next season when his contract is up. In a BBC radio interview promoting the film Date Night, which was dug up by the site,¬†Carell is asked if he will stay on The Office beyond next season. “I don’t think so,” he said. “I think that will probably be my last year.” Of course, Carell’s feature career took off since his star-making turn on The Office with such movies as The 40 Year Old Virgin, Get Smart and Date Night, so he may want to focus on films full-time. Standard cast deals on network series nowadays lock actors in for six seasons,¬† but contract renegotiations with key cast members often add an extra year to the term of their deals, giving them a clean exit after Season 7.

Even if Carell leaves next May, which is still ways away, he may stay in a business with NBC for a long time. His company is based at UMS and he is producing the Rockford Files remake, which is in serious consideration for a series pickup at NBC. NBC had no comment.

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