“Box Up Personal Items When You Leave Work Thursday”: WGA's Strike Checklist

THURSDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Hollywood Writers Strike Called; Timing Announcement To Come Friday; Actors Agree To Walk WGA Picket Lines

I’ve obtained instructions issued tonight to WGA contract captains who turn into strike captains once the Writers Guild of America calls its walkout. That’s right: it’s not “if”, but “when”. Since there will be no bargaining talks on Thursday, a strike call could come Thursday night when the leadership meets with the general membership at 7 pm inside the incredibly inconvenient downtown location of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Picketing could start Friday or Monday. (See my previous: URGENT: Talks Come To An Abrupt Halt; Thursday Night’s WGA Meeting A Strike Call?) Here are memo excerpts:

Show captains need to compile a personal contact list for everyone who could participate in pickets (including actors, writers’ assistants, staff and crew, etc) or other strike actions.

Showrunners and all WGA members should assemble drafts of every unproduced script and other literary material for the so-called “Script Validation Program”. (Details here.)

Showrunners, hyphenates with projects in development, and other hyphenates may want to speak to or write letters to the Producers they are working with “to make clear that our mutual goal is to negotiate a fair and reasonable contract. We welcome their support toward that goal.”

Before leaving their offices on Thursday, all Writers guild members should take their personal items home. “If you have an office on a studio lot, you may want to box up your personal items when you leave work on Thursday.”

There will be a WGA West membership meeting in Los Angeles tomorrow night at 7 pm. At the meeting, the Negotiating Committee will update members regarding the negotiations and make their recommendation as to how to proceed. The WGAW will send out another e-mail following the meeting with up-to-the-minute information.

There will be a captains meeting Saturday November 3rd at 1 pm. Agenda to follow. captains should plan to be on call this weekend. There will be a captains orientation session Saturday November 3rd at 11 am.

“If there is a strike, submit your scripts for validation. You have 4 days from the commencement of a strike to do this. Contract/show captains become picket captains immediately. Show up for your picket shift. Your captain will advise you where/when. Report any re-writing of your material, illegal demands, pressure to cross picket lines, etc to your picket captain.”

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