DHD UPDATE: Strike Comments Starting!

Beginning with this advisory, DHD will allow comments that relate to the pre-strike stories I’ve been posting here. Since the current Writers Guild of America agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers expires tonight at midnight, and this is so important to everyone connected with Hollywood even in a remote way, I want to provide a forum to express your opinions, rants, sorrows. You can comment on every pertinent post.

But I own this website, so I also reserve the right to enforce some rules: Keep it pithy. Stay on topic. Be intelligent. Agree or disagree but don’t make it personal. Don’t impersonate Jeff Berg or Steven Spielberg or Barry Meyer or make wild unsubstantiated claims. Remember that your comments will reach a big national and international audience of DHD readers so don’t just argue one-on-one. Fine to post anonymously, but try to ID yourself generally, like, “I’m a writer”, “I’m a producer,” “I’m a wannabe” so people know your POV. Your comments won’t be edited but they also won’t post automatically. I have to approve them first. And I plan on being picky. There may be some unavoidable delays…

Finally, I wish to thank all my wonderful tipsters who keep updating DHD on the WGA-AMPTP news, and all those kind people who have praised DHD’s even-handed coverage during this pre-strike. (Roger Ebert is worried I’m working too hard!) So, now, be the first to opine … and click “refresh” to see the latest comment.

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