Baba Booey Signs Big Book Deal For Fall

By Nikki Finke, Mike Fleming Jr

EXCLUSIVE: Wow, everyone connected with Howard Stern just keeps getting richer and richer (in addition to the King Of All Media himself, of course). The Howard Stern Show’s longtime radio producer, Gary Dell’Abate, has just signed a mid-6 figure book deal with Random House for his biography titled, “They Call Me Baba Booey”. It comes out in November. Don Buchwald & Associates’ Tony Burton and 3 Arts’ Richard Abate did the deal with Random House’s Spiegel & Grau imprint editor Julie Grau. Gary is writing it with author Chad Millman. I understand that Howard mentioned something about this on his Sirius show this morning — and the book has already jumped to No. 1 on Amazon’s “Movers And Shakers” based on book pre-orders.

So let’s see: Howard himself had 2 bestsellers, Robin Quivers had 1, Artie Lange had the most recent and now it’s obvious that Baba Booey will have one as well. Ya gotta love it — and wonder if a book might be in the cards for Fred Norris, the longtime Howard Stern producer whose sound effects enhances the mayhem. Gary is smart to get the book out this fall, since Stern is saying he might not re-up at Sirius when his contract ends in less than a year.

Dedicated Stern listeners know that the title of Dell’Abate’s book comes from his hobby of collecting actual cels from classic animated shows. While describing that pursuit, he mentioned his plan 2057894259_8a120cfc8dto acquire one of Quick Draw McGraw character Baba Looey, which he mistakenly described as Baba Booey. Little did he know the phrase would become the show’s rallying cry, particularly among Stern fans who prank the media and reveal themselves with the “Baba Booey” war cry. Finally, Dell’Abate will cash in on the nickname that likely has been an albatross for years.

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