Deadline’s YouTube Channel Rankings

Views at the Google-funded YouTube channels looked a lot more normal in the seven days that ended October 24 than they did the previous week — which benefited from the outsized performance at Redbull with skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic 120,000-foot freefall. Noisey stood out after it introduced a controversial video for the tune “Fatty Boom Boom” from South African rap-rave group Die Antwoord. The video, which imagines Lady Gaga being eaten by a lion, contributed to the channel’s 4.1M views, up 2.4M vs the previous week, and helped it to jump to No. 4 in the week’s rankings, up seven. All in all, views at the channels we track fell 31.6% to 97.3M, with the top 10 channels accounting for 66.3% of the total. Joining the top 10 along with Noisey was Young Hollywood, up two spots to No. 10. ENTV, from Deadline’s parent PMC, dropped one slot to No. 11 and DanceOn fell three to No. 12.

Close watchers of our charts will notice two differences this week. 3V is changing the way it uploads its content and we’re now listing it as one channel, aggregating the counts that used to be split among five. In addition, the channel formerly called Life And Times recently became Jay Z’s Life And Times, with a much bigger following. (more…)

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