SAG-AFTRA Needs Transparency: Where Are Fiscal And Penson & Health Reports?

TODAY: SAG-AFTRA National Board Consolidates To 25 Locals; Financial Update Kept Secret; Both Pension & Health Plans To Merge

The latest update from the SAG-AFTRA National Board confirms one thing: the unparalleled secrecy that shrouded the leaderships of both unions separately before the merger will continue now that they’re combined. First and foremost, I don’t know why members tolerate the Board’s terse announcement that “Co-Secretary Treasurers Amy Aquino and Matt Kimbrough provided an update on the union’s financials and reviewed the first quarter results” – with no details provided. Those reports should be made public. Same goes with the Pension, Health & Retirement Report just received by the Board from the trustees of the SAG-Producers Pension & Health Plans and the AFTRA Health & Retirement Plans. But where is the report itself? Let’s not forget that during the pending SAG-AFTRA merger, no future plans for the two unions’ pension and health plans – not even whether they’d be operated separately or combined — were revealed or even formally studied by SAG and/or AFTRA leaderships.

Present leadership likes to point out that both P&H plans are run separately from the union. But some of SAG Guild’s officers have been SAG P&HP trustees. For instance, David White was President of the Board of Trustees of the SAG P&H Plans and the National Executive Director of the SAG Guild. Duncan Crabtree-Ireland was a Trustee of the SAG P&HP and the General Counsel of the SAG Guild. John McGuire was a Trustee of the SAG P&HP and the Senior Adviser of the SAG Guild. All three may be among the trustees of the soon-to-be merged plan. In my opinion, it’s a day late and a dollar short for the SAG P&H Plan to come clean about exactly what has gone on or is going on regarding this as well as any and all city, county, and/or federal investigations into allegations of embezzlements and cover-ups.

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