‘Skyfall’ Opens #1 In 25 Overseas Markets; Grosses $77.7M And Smashes UK Records

By Nikki Finke, Nancy Tartaglione

SUNDAY AM UPDATE: Sony Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s Skyfall, the 23rd film in the James Bond series, opened overseas in 25 markets and grossed a staggering $77.7 million, #1 everywhere. Setting the pace was of course the UK, which opened to an enormous estimated $32.4 million (£20.1M). Smashing the all-time Saturday attendance record, this is the biggest opening of 2012 and the biggest 2D Friday-to-Sunday opening weekend in history there, and the 2nd biggest all-time Friday-to-Sunday opening weekend, behind just the 3D Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2. This launch was 76% bigger than Daniel Craig’s first turn as 007, Casino Royale, and 30% bigger than Quantum Of Solace. Of the $77.7M on Skyfall, IMAX is estimating a weekend gross of $3.5M in 79 locations in 15 territories which include the UK, France, Russia, Korea, Bulgaria, Middle East, Kazakhstan and Brazil.

— France bowed with $9.1M, or 39% more than Casino Royale’s opening Friday to Sunday (beating the entire 5-day opening as well) and just 15% less than Quantum Of Solace (which  opened during a holiday period.)

— Russia opened to $8.6M, way more than the previous movies especially with that territory’s massive theatre-building push.

— Korea took in 49% of the market, grossing $6.1M, which was more than triple Casino Royale’s opening and 58% more than Quantum Of Solace’s opening Friday-to-Sunday (22% more than Quantum’s  entire 4-day opening).

— Brazil launched with a huge $6.5M, the biggest Bond bow ever there, beating Casino Royale’s opening by 130% and Quantum Of Solace’s by 37%.

— Belgium earned $1.4M, up 40% on Casino Royale’s first Friday to Sunday and 17% on Quantum Of Solace’s.

— Norway opened to $2.7M, capturing well over 65% of the entire market and besting the opening of Casino Royale by 52% and Quantum Of Solace by 15%.

— Sweden launched with a huge $2.6, the biggest opening of 2012, 27% bigger than the opening of Casino Royale, and just 4% less than Quantum Of Solace, which opened during a national holiday.

— Denmark also opened to $2.6, the biggest non-3D opening ever there, beating Casino Royale by 23% and Quantum Of Solace by 30%.

— Finland earned a huge $1.5M, the biggest opening in history there excluding previews, beating Casino Royale’s bow by 82% and Quantum Of Solace’s by 23%.

Other openings included Other openings included Poland $2.5M, the Czech Republic $835k, Hungary $425K, Romania $325K, Slovakia (310K, Bulgaria $175K, Iceland $155K, Israel $825K, Portugal $630K.

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EXCLUSIVE… SATURDAY: There’s no doubt that strong film reviews and advance buzz are giving the 23rd James Bond movie a big thumbs-up. But this weekend is the first indication of how well the Sam Mendes-directed pic will do at the box office with the Eon Production Skyfall opening in the UK, France and other Euro territories for Sony Pictures and MGM. Sony won’t divulge official international grosses until Sunday morning. But sources tell Deadline now that Skyfall opened as Britain’s 2D all-time biggest Friday opening and 2D biggest opening weekend. It smashed previous records set by the two other Daniel Craig as 007 movies.

Skyfall‘s UK total is expected to be £20M weekend ($32.2M) compared with the first installment Casino Royale‘s opening weekend of £13.37m ($21.53M) and Quantum Of Solace‘s £15.38m ($24.77M) which broke UK box office records for the biggest opening weekend when it was released in 2008. Skyfall‘s Friday opening day of £6.2M ($9.99M) also shattered Quantum Of Solace‘s previous recordholder of £4.9M. Saturday was expected to be higher and Sunday’s about the same. (Numbers may be refined on Sunday…) Helping total grosses, Skyfall was expected to be shown almost 75 to 100 times in round-the-clock screenings over its opening weekend at some UK cinemas in London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Southhampton. Skyfall doesn’t open in the U.S. and Canada until November 9th (a day earlier, November 8th, on IMAX screens). But Hollywood expects it to top both Quantum Of Solace which went on to gross $586M (£367.4M) worldwide and 2006’s Casino Royale which grossed $594.2M (£372.5M) making it the highest grossing film in the Bond franchise (not adjusted for inflation or higher ticket prices).

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That includes the United States where all-in guesstimates top $215M – much better than


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