‘Seal Team Six’ Director Rips NYT Story Suggesting Muslim Backlash

The director of the upcoming National Geographic TV movie about the killing of Osama bin Laden is criticizing the New York Times for suggesting in a story that his Seal Team Six risks causing additional backlash in the Muslim world against President Obama and the U.S. John Stockwell told Politico the NYT‘s suggestion that the movie “contains scenes that might be incendiary to the Muslim world, because of the ‘jeopardy to Muslim children during the assault on Osama bin Laden’s compound’ is “nonsensical.” “We went to great lengths to highlight the care and the control that the SEALs showed during the chaos of the raid — not to harm any women and children”, Stockwell told Politico. (The director even provided clips from the movie to illustrate his his point; see them below.) The NYT piece focused mainly on editing that gave Obama more prominence and deleted a scene in which GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney appeared to oppose the raid. Nat Geo is airing the movie November 4, two days before the election.

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