BBC Scandal May Involve Additional “Figures Of High Standing”

The number of possible victims in the BCC‘s escalating sex abuse scandal has grown to 300 from 200 over the past week. Additionally, other people may have acted with the accused man, the late Jimmy Savile, investigators said today. Savile, who was one of Britain’s most popular TV hosts, also was “undoubtedly” one of the most prolific sex offenders in recent British history, the New York Times reported. In preliminary telephone interviews with 130 potential victims, 114 accused Savile of criminal behavior ranging from “inappropriate touching” to rape. Of 300 possible victims, all but 2 have been female. The vast majority of complaints have been against Savile, but a number of other “living people” are under investigation. BBC Trust Chairman Lord Patten meanwhile told ITV News he would not be surprised if the Savile scandal resulted in disciplinary action or even resignations of BBC staff. Patten said he had to be realistic. “We have to find out who made mistakes, where those mistakes were made and what the consequences of those mistakes were. It seems difficult to believe there weren’t any mistakes and those have consequences.” The BBC reported that police were looking at “figures of high standing” who might have assisted Savile, helped cover it up or taken part in assaults themselves.

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