’60 Minutes’ Profiles Spielberg & ‘Lincoln’ Tonight: Will It Help Their Oscar Push?

Spielberg & ‘Lincoln’ On ’60 Minutes’: Video

The grey-haired audience for 60 Minutes is the right venue for Lincoln‘s adult moviegoers when the film hits theaters on November 9th. But the real question is whether the CBS show can deliver Oscar voters? It used to be for Hollywood that having 60 Minutes profile both Steven Spielberg and his Lincoln (at 7:30pm EST tonight) was a big get. And certainly Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences members skew older. But I’m not sure Spielberg giving what’s billed as his first media interview and first clips for the film to Lesley Stahl is awards strategic nowadays. Seems archaic. “I’ve always wanted to tell a story about Lincoln. I saw a paternal father figure, someone who was completely, stubbornly committed to his ideals, his vision,” he tells Stahl. “I think the film is very relevant for today. It’s about leadership… He was living with two agendas, both of which had to do with healing… First, to abolish slavery, end the war. But he also had his personal life and I think there’s darkness in there.” Spielberg also speaks at length to Stahl about his childhood and lets her sit down with his parents. Which just goes to show yet again that even Hollywood’s biggest names will do anything for gold.

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