From Bankruptcy Court To Bench Warrant: Now Bergstein Owes $$$ To Vegas Casino

Most people know Las Vegas casinos are relentless when it comes to making people pay up. Everyone, it seems, but David Bergstein. Not only has he stiffed filmmakers around the world, but the moron stiffed Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino for $950,000 in gambling markers. After the casino won a legal judgment against him that required Bergstein to appear for a Debtor’s Examination, Bergstein sent his lawyer Monday and didn’t show up himself as the judge instructed (he was also a no-show in hearings that led a bankruptcy court judge to install a trustee to wrest control of the troubled asset of Bergstein-owned Capitol Films, ThinkFilms and other companies). The judge was unamused by Bergstein’s absence and sent a sheriff with a warrant for his arrest, issued from the bench by the judge.

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