Google CEO Apologizes For Earnings SNAFU As Company Talks Up Android

“I’m sorry for the scramble earlier today,” Google CEO Larry Page told analysts on a conference call. And that was that regarding the uproar today after the company’s earnings were prematurely released — resulting in a temporary halt in trading. Execs continued to cheer-lead, especially as they talked  up progress in rolling out Android-powered devices. “Most people thought we were nuts” to develop the operating system, Page — whose voice is hoarse — said, adding that there are now a half-billion Android-powered devices. He’s also enthusiastic about Google TV, saying that “it’s great to have a real browser on your television” and that the company is “working hard to get distribution for YouTube, for Chrome and for the Internet as a whole on television screens. We’re very excited about that, we’re still in the early stages of that.” Page says that the company is “in the early stages” of rolling out Google Fiber — the state-of-the-art video and broadband service it recently introduced in Kansas City. “I’m excited about the user experience there.” Meanwhile YouTube “continues to grow like crazy,” he says. “The recent video with the horse dancing, Gangnam Style, has 500M views….If you’re the provider of content it’s an amazing thing.” Despite the execs’ abundant optimism, Google shares are up less than 1% in after-market trading.

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