Deadline’s Weekly YouTube Channel Rankings

Red Bull was already stampeding YouTube audiences even before it set a record this past weekend with its live stream of skydiver Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic 120,000-foot freefall. The channel had 23.4M views in the week that ended on October 10, an increase of 19.8M from the previous week. That was far more than it needed to push The Warner Sound out of the No. 1 spot it has held since late June in our weekly tally of Google-funded YouTube channels. About 16M views came on Tuesday when Baumgartner had scheduled the jump, which was aborted due to high winds. Red Bull also attracted about 2M views for a video of an elaborate Rube Goldberg contraption activated by free run champion Jason Paul. The extraordinary results contributed to a 22.2% increase in total views for the channels we track. Red Bull alone accounted for 22% of the total, and the top 10 had 61%. We also saw higher-than-normal shifts among other channels in that group. Machinima Prime leaped 13 spots to No. 5, while DanceOn was up 11 to No. 6, and Clevver News rose two spots to No. 9. Conversely, Awesomenes TV fell nine to No. 11, while Fuse fell two to No. 12 and NOC dropped eight to No. 17. (more…)

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